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Too Early Too Late

I’m too late to be this early

Too early to be this late

The party is over and hasn’t started yet

Finished and not yet begun

Waiting for the band

Though they’ve played and gone home

I watched them leave as I waited for them to arrive

The anticipation and the post-event letdown

Clean-up and set-up is the same task

Each prop returned to its place on the set

The set of my life

Catalogued objects queued in order of expected use

The curtain has fallen, and has yet to rise

I stand in the shadows, in the dark, in the wing

I wait, and am waiting, and have waited

For the lights to go lower

For the lights to be light

The seats are all empty

The stage has been set

The script has been lost

The actors are missing

I’m too early

I’m too late


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