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Infinite Gesture

I started a podcast. The first Episode is: Dreams and the Stories We Tell Ourselves.

The transcript, studies, and my notes on the text can be found here on my website.

Everyone has dreams while they’re sleeping, even if they don’t always remember them. I sometimes have dreams that come true, and I am not always sleeping when I get them. A big blow in my life came when some of the dreams that had come true for me ended, and my subsequent reluctance to really unfold any new dreams coming my way stems from that. Some of the dreams I have had which came true were in direct response to my being nervous about a big life change out in front of me, such as when I moved to the Caribbean with my at-the-time-husband, and our three young children.

Some of the dreams were the catalyst for a life change, like moving from Saudi Arabia to Vermont with my three middle school aged kids, and starting a horse farm, giving lessons, and raising chickens and other fun farm stuff.

We speak a little about memory and how unreliable it can be, even though we launch ourselves, and our worldview from it. Which led us to talking about the stories we tell ourselves, and about the impermanence  of things, and adapting to living within the paradox of these stories.

There are refences to myth making and the personal narrative, how our perception narrows based on environmental reinforcement, and how humanity is, perhaps, living in a skewed room. We end up touch back on how life is like a sand mandala. We put in the effort, even if success is only for a second, and then put our shoulders back to the wheels. 

What are your dreams?

What stories are you telling yourself about fulfilling them?

I drew this drawing, Infinite Gesture, to go with the podcast, and it’s available on RedBubble where you can stick it on T-shirts, coffee mugs, and whatever. If you’d like to do that, just follow the link below.

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