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Good-bye, Hello

As we close out this past year, and open the year to come, I want to thank you all for visiting, reading, and supporting this space. I’ve appreciated all of the like, and comments. I hope that you find some peace, inspiration, or comfort when you visit.

Usually, I post the best of the past year on a site like this, but I did a two month review post recently, and those stats still stand. In contrast, I’ve linked below to the best worst performing post (which is a flower photo), feel free to give it a view and some love. Below that, I’ve posted some of my favorite photos from this past year. I’m sure I missed a few, but I think you’ll find plenty to appreciate in what I’ve included.

Here is this site’s most underrated 2020 post.

Again, thank you for visiting, for the support, and for the love. I hope you all have a safe night, and that in the year to come you find beauty, peace, and something wonderful for which to hope.

Happy New Year!

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