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Woodland Promise

What mysteries may be found within

The forest secrets kept

When in the misty morning light

We chance upon a tree which slept

With our shuffling feet we walk

Down paths ever intertwining

We wake the giants from their slumber

The earth shifts, and the moss groans

Each tree lifts from its loamy bed

And after us begins to lumber

With spindly branches catches us upon

The collars of our coats

And lifts us to their barking faces

Inspecting us with wonder

In fear we shiver and we quake

What do these sylvan beings want

Into our ears their ethereal voices

Ask for us to make things right

To restore some balance to the world

Before it is too late

They set us back upon the path

Settle back into their mossy places

We exit from the forest deep

Saying farewell in great relief

Their bark worse than their bite

For now, but we have promises to keep

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