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Forest Heart

By lantern light, she walked the forest path

Shadows dancing with the light it cast

Near the fairy gate she trod

Barefoot on mossy coated sod

Placed lantern in a boulder nook

Next to the quiet bubbling brook

She waited for the sun to rise

Beneath the clear and starry skies

Around her swirled in gilded guise

The spirits of the woodland wise

Whispering of secret stores

Tales of hidden treasure hoards

She begged them off her time to wait

For she had come to meet her fate

As the morning rays pierced canopy

She found her heart among the leaves

Her head she laid upon its breast

To dream all day in tranquil rest

When she awoke her heart reclaimed

Her voice she lifted to proclaim

A calling to the earth and sky

The treasure which she sought to find

Had always been inside her mind

She took up the empty lantern case

In the fading light of setting sun

She made her way back home

Through winding forest path she went

She walked the long road home

She walked the road alone

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