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Twilight Magic

She is twilight magic

Inhabiting the spaces in between

What is real and what is dream

She’s a seer and a mystic

Bravely realistic

Casting spells of sound and light


She might be taken with you

But she won’t be taken in

She will always guess her present

She will tell it like it is

Her feet are firmly planted in the earth

She paints pictures on the canvas

She brings imagination to the screen

She’s sweet until you cross her

She’s implacable

An unflappable tour de force

She’s twilight magic

Full of light and shadow

She’s a moving picture

Sometimes silent, but

The lighting’s always good

She’ll weave the sounds around the


Edit out the dross

She’s twilight magic

Like a song at dusk the last note lingering

Like a memory of sunlight, an afterglow

Like cooling embers still emanating warmth

And glowing

Always on the edge of dreams

Dancing on the edge of dreams

silhouette photo of woman
Photo by Andre Moura on

For my daughter, Essma.

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