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Solitude 12/22/2020

“Good morning, plant.”

I haven’t named them yet

The two I brought home from the grocery

A quiet fills my place in these early hours

Plenty of room for thoughts to play

Daydreams and drifting worlds

A wonder and a wandering mind

I go everywhere from somewhere

Find ideas in the nowhere

I moved the one plant to a sunless spot

Her leaves were curling

Edges brown

It feels good to care for something

Beyond myself

To care for everything

From nothing

A book of blank pages

Carefully bound

Waiting for the unfolding story

Waiting to be uncovered


In the silence

Loud in solitude

It’s so loud in solitude

The other plant is happy

With a little sun

Slicing in through the window

He has a conversation with this light

I can almost hear

Like a winter tree the growth is slower now

External input muted

The letters are sprouting nicely

The notes are about to bloom

This solitude is pregnant

A tension growing something new

For this changing world

Something new for a changing world

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