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Maybes 12/19/2020

Do the trees miss me

When I am long gone from the forest

Do the birds remark my absence

When I am shut away from earth and sky

Would the cardinal and raven and the hawk

Remark they have not seen me of late out upon my midday walk

Maybe not

Maybe not

Still it’s not a reason to stay inside

That’s no reason not to don my shoes and coat and go

Walking though the cold is welcome not

The day is short and time is weary of my demands for it to slow

We’ve got the cold, but haven’t got the snow

To coat the world in magic for a while

I’d rather there be warmth, and be there warm

Maybe so

Maybe so

Whatever comes, however shapes the day

The day does try to shape it back, to shout and have a say

Plans are planned to have something there to fall away

Nothing stops the day when it demands

So, I won’t plan a walk to walk today

Should the opportunity arise, I will away

Maybe yes

Maybe yes

I’ll walk, and maybe there will be snow

I’ll walk, and maybe there will come the snow

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