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Coffee Shop Christmas

The night before Christmas

We were walking

The night before Christmas

We were talking

We were falling in love

Christmas Eve

The lights hung from eaves

In the crisp winter night

Balloon Santa played in the yards

The deer were all right with their

Noses alight

We held hands as we walked

Down the street

We stopped for a drink at the

Local café

Sometimes it still feels like a dream

We sat in a café

We talked in that café

We fell in love over coffee that night

Now when winter begins

And the snow starts to fall

And the neighborhood lights are displayed

We walk down the street

Recall the present we found in each other

That Christmas Eve

On that Christmas Eve

Having known one another for years

That magical night everything shifted

Our eyes met in a way unexpected

Essentially seeing a future together

Our hearts to each other we gifted

Our hearts from each other accepted

On a cold winter

Bright winter

Night Christmas Eve

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