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Thinking Upstairs 12/9/2020

I closed the door


Alone in a room

Music turned up loud


I jumped on the bed


All I had been before spread out inside

My head


Jump, jump, jump

The drumbeat thrumming

Revising labels

Resetting perspective

What I had thought I had known

Assimilating new information

Looking for compassion for what I

Had lost

Had given away

Had secreted away


Maybe I cried

You don’t know

Maybe I sobbed

It’s not certain

The door is closed

The music loud

And I let go of everything

And started again

Thinking upstairs

Until thought fled

And only I was left

And the sense of myself

Drifted away as well

Who opened the door

Who came out of the room

Who had been thinking upstairs

To loud music

I could be anyone


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