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Shimmer 12/8/2020

Streaming light within the garden walls

I was sitting on the cement bench

Having fled the cold, dark halls

Holding open one of my favorite books

Sitting there within one of my favorite

Reading nooks

Tucked just at the curving juncture

Snuck just around the little bend

Shaded by the elm tree

Reading about things that could have been

Reading about things that just might be

In a world so far from you and me

Sunlight streaming in

Sunlight beaming in

Setting a small flower in a glimmer

Setting a small flower into a shimmer

How hope blooms in the garden

How the dark is driven back

How you came around the corner

Unforeseen and unexpected

How you walked the curving path

To end up in my favorite spaces

To end up in my favorite places

I felt a little shiver in the shade

I looked into your eyes and thought

I had it made, but you kept walking

Kept walking right on by this perfect place

And I bent back toward my book

At least I’d had a look

At what the future just might hold

If I could just be bold

With the sunlight streaming in

With the sunlight beaming in

How hope blooms in the garden

How the dark is illuminated

How you must have turned around again

As you’re sitting next to me right now

Sitting carefully by me now

With permission

Asking what I’m reading

A lively discussion

In the garden with the glimmer

In the garden set to shimmer

And the summer never ends

Summer never ends now

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