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Superior Dunes 12/7/2020

Step into the water

So cold the bones would ache

Bones would wake

Numbed skin in the hot sun

What were I then

Caught between the dunes and shore

What do I have to say for myself

Often asked

Answered by silence or

“I don’t know.”

I learned not to answer the question

I told the answers to the sand

I buried the answers in the sand

I drowned the answers in the freezing waters

Near dunes superior

I rolled the answers down the sand hills

I stomped the answers on wooded foot paths

I sent the answers to the moon

I hid the answers high among the branches of the trees

Where are the answers now

Haunting places

Ghostly shadows of the past

Hidden by sunlight

The reflection off cold waters

I climbed to the top of the dunes

And smiled to hide the hiding

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