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Ocean Bound 12/6/2020

I’ll be on my way there soon

To walk the pure white sands

To tumble in the waves a’rolling in the sound

Under a periwinkle sky

Sitting on the beach and singing

As the sun kisses the sea

I’ll sing of lonely days before

There was you and me

And thank the stars above us that those

Days are far behind

And I’ll thank the moon a’rising for an

Ending to the sighing whispers

Which in the forest found

I left them there

Alone there

In the past where they belong

I’ll make my way then to the ocean

For I am ocean tied

The salt water inside me

Pulling me home

Pulling me home beside the sea

Oh, I’m ocean bound and tied

The shore is where I’ll be

My heart is always washing up

Washing up out of the sea

If you’re walking down the shoreline

Keep your eyes upon the beach

If you find my heart there

If you see it on the way

Return it swiftly with your blessing or

Else I’ll have to stay

Beside you along the reach

As the sun kisses the sea

In this time of you and me

As the sun kisses the sea

As the sun kisses the sea

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