Good-bye, Hello

As we close out this past year, and open the year to come, I want to thank you all for visiting, reading, and supporting this space. I’ve appreciated all of the like, and comments. I hope that you find some peace, inspiration, or comfort when you visit.

Usually, I post the best of the past year on a site like this, but I did a two month review post recently, and those stats still stand. In contrast, I’ve linked below to the best worst performing post (which is a flower photo), feel free to give it a view and some love. Below that, I’ve posted some of my favorite photos from this past year. I’m sure I missed a few, but I think you’ll find plenty to appreciate in what I’ve included.

Here is this site’s most underrated 2020 post.

Again, thank you for visiting, for the support, and for the love. I hope you all have a safe night, and that in the year to come you find beauty, peace, and something wonderful for which to hope.

Happy New Year!

Woodland Promise

What mysteries may be found within

The forest secrets kept

When in the misty morning light

We chance upon a tree which slept

With our shuffling feet we walk

Down paths ever intertwining

We wake the giants from their slumber

The earth shifts, and the moss groans

Each tree lifts from its loamy bed

And after us begins to lumber

With spindly branches catches us upon

The collars of our coats

And lifts us to their barking faces

Inspecting us with wonder

In fear we shiver and we quake

What do these sylvan beings want

Into our ears their ethereal voices

Ask for us to make things right

To restore some balance to the world

Before it is too late

They set us back upon the path

Settle back into their mossy places

We exit from the forest deep

Saying farewell in great relief

Their bark worse than their bite

For now, but we have promises to keep

nature forest trees park
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In the Liminal Space

Caught in the spaces between




A web of heart lights

Span gulfs

Flying buttresses

Holding a new pattern

Embryonic cocoon of potential

A difficult birth


Harmonic knitting

Quilting and tatting

Canopy of spirit

Don’t lose heart





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Forest Heart

By lantern light, she walked the forest path

Shadows dancing with the light it cast

Near the fairy gate she trod

Barefoot on mossy coated sod

Placed lantern in a boulder nook

Next to the quiet bubbling brook

She waited for the sun to rise

Beneath the clear and starry skies

Around her swirled in gilded guise

The spirits of the woodland wise

Whispering of secret stores

Tales of hidden treasure hoards

She begged them off her time to wait

For she had come to meet her fate

As the morning rays pierced canopy

She found her heart among the leaves

Her head she laid upon its breast

To dream all day in tranquil rest

When she awoke her heart reclaimed

Her voice she lifted to proclaim

A calling to the earth and sky

The treasure which she sought to find

Had always been inside her mind

She took up the empty lantern case

In the fading light of setting sun

She made her way back home

Through winding forest path she went

She walked the long road home

She walked the road alone

Sky Song Melodious

The sun plays a melody upon the clouds

Sweeping dramatically along the edges

Coloring shades at the horizon

Against the blues a sharp distinction

Long and low, they will lie flat

Wind blown harmony

Dancing clouds shifting symphonic

Regaled in hues softly pentatonic

Will you watch in wonder at the performance in the sky

Can you hear the music

As the time passes us by?

A Great Love

Love is universal

Who are we to want for more

The soul connecting


Of two hearts that beat as one

Do we dare to dream

That our heart is not alone

Are we one with all


All for one

Can we connect just soul to soul

Is there a moment in this life

When we know something greater than just strife

Can we give away the happy

Without regret

There’s a devotion to something greater

In caring for one another

Does that preclude

A union one to one

In matrimony

In harmony

These are the questions

I will live

As long as I have breath to give

Take some joy and wonder

I cannot keep it all

For myself

For the seeking of a great love

Comes with the giving of it all

As opportunity presents itself

Open handed

Not holding back

Tiny Dragon

Once upon a time, in a land caught outside of time, the sunless sky glowed and darkened, and glowed again. In a place where the saltless ocean ever gently lapped the rocky shores, and where the forest grew towering trees spaced well apart from one another. There in a cave tucked inside the stone cliffs along the water lived a tiny dragon. Her scales gleamed purple and blue even in the dim light of the rocky hollow she knew as home.

She had lost track of how long she had dwelled in this place, or how many times she had taken to wing to find others like herself. No matter how far she flew, or in which direction, she found more of the same: endless water lined with rocky cliffs, forest or plains empty of larger life forms. From the waters she found her sustenance, hunting the water creatures from the sky by diving down into the depths, and using her talons to capture her prey. Those swimming beings were mindless, or she had yet to find a way to communicate with them.

The forest was filled with small, furry animals which jumped, or climbed, or scampered through the trunks, capering over the mossy woodland floor. They were too small to spend too much time hunting. Although she did hunt them sometimes for amusement, she rarely caught them as agile as they were.

Sometimes at night, she would perch on the edge of the cliff, open her great jaws to let out a sonorous call, long and sorrowful, which seemed to carry her very heart out across the waters that she had never been able to cross. She wondered how she had ended up here, and could not remember. What purpose was there to swim and climb, and blunder through the woods? She did not know.

Always there was a faint recollection of the others. When she would see her reflection in the water, she could almost remember them.

When she slept, her eyelids closing in layer after layer, she dreamed of little lights winking in and out, off and on in the darkness. Against a blue, blue sky, there shone a brightness, a warm thing which would set her scales to sparkling and tingling, and she would roar and launch into that sky with a feeling of lightness. The answering roars of the others would ring in her ears, and she would wake to the dull glow, and the gentle lapping of the waters here in this desolate place.

Now she knew, somehow, that there was an answer to her fate. She knew that there was a detail missed, or overlooked, just there beyond what she could easily sense. Sometimes she set her mind to the task with a frantic passion, spending day after day flying, searching, daring, exploring, only to give up in frustration.

Today, she floated in the water on her back. Her wings were stretched out along the top of the water, and her long tail wove gently through the swells and troughs of the waves. Her back legs paddled slowly to keep her from approaching the rocks, while she examined her front talons for loose bits that had torn from her climb up the cliffs earlier that morning. Some small birds were diving in and around her, catching insects off the top of the water, using her as a place to rest and chatter in between dives. She could almost understand them.

As she floated there, she closed two of her eyelids. The first set didn’t change her vision, but they felt more comfortable to her when they were shut as she relaxed in the water. The other pair dimmed the light, and caused the birds and vegetation to appear in different colors, brighter and more defined. With that set, if they were closed at night, the whole little world would have a soft luminescence.

She heard something from far away, from inside her mind, from somewhere she could not locate. Her arms flailed, and her wings splashed. The birds took flight calling sharply at being dislodged. She began to sink, and roll. One of her wings began to wrap around her as her shoulder dipped deeper into the water.

She kicked her legs, and slashed her tail, trying to keep her head above the water. This was not the clean, open winged dive she used for hunting. This was a thrashing, splashing situation. Her nostrils closed against the water. Panic. More of her eyelids closed as she tried to unwind the wing binding her front talons. Her other wing extended up into the air, but a breeze had arisen, and it acted as a sail further turning her into the water.

“Where are you?”

She writhed in the water, twisting her long body, and finally got her wing unwrapped, and her head above the waves just in time to miss knocking her head onto the rocks. She grasped the stony outcropping, and began to climb up the cliff.

“I am here!” Her bellow echoed out over the water, along the shoreline.

The sound of the call was inside her. The sound of the call was around her.

There was a feeling, a pulling which compressed her at the same time it dislocated her.

All her eyelids closed.

“Are you an angel?” The small voice came from a large, soft creature with brown curling moss around her head.

“What’s an angel?”

“An angel has wings, and helps people.” said the large, soft creature.

“Maybe. Are you a people?”


“Do you need help?”

“I want to get these out…” A talonless appendage extended towards a smooth dead moss with a crystal stuck in it.

The tiny dragon climbed along the soft limb to examine the crystal. This was like nothing she had seen before, and the large creature had pulled her from the neverending place, and brought it to an end. She must be magic, the dragon thought. I should help her.

The dragon saw a curling spike enter into the dead moss, and set her talons to it. She twisted until it came free, then set to work on the next one, and the next. Each crystal she released, she placed into the palm of the soft creature who had freed her.

“What is going on here? How did these get out of the couch?” The voice rang loudly, and startled the tiny dragon.

“Hide!” The creature told her, so she crawled into the soft brown moss which wasn’t moss, and hid there.

The much larger creature took the crystals from the smaller large creature and pointed at the dead moss.

“Maybe an angel did it.”

“Oh, an angel, huh? Well, why would an angel take the cushion pins out of the couch?”

“Maybe the angel wanted to see what they were, and thought they were pretty.”

The larger creature began to twist the crystals back into the dead moss.

“Well, maybe the angel can just leave them where they are. They’re sharp you know, and you could get hurt by them.”

The larger creature left.

“It’s okay, you can come out now. Do you want to see my room?”

The tiny dragon didn’t know how she ended up here, but she knew she had finally found her home.

“What is a room?”

“I’ll show you. Come on!”

rocky cliff on sea
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For my youngest, Rebecca.

Twilight Magic

She is twilight magic

Inhabiting the spaces in between

What is real and what is dream

She’s a seer and a mystic

Bravely realistic

Casting spells of sound and light


She might be taken with you

But she won’t be taken in

She will always guess her present

She will tell it like it is

Her feet are firmly planted in the earth

She paints pictures on the canvas

She brings imagination to the screen

She’s sweet until you cross her

She’s implacable

An unflappable tour de force

She’s twilight magic

Full of light and shadow

She’s a moving picture

Sometimes silent, but

The lighting’s always good

She’ll weave the sounds around the


Edit out the dross

She’s twilight magic

Like a song at dusk the last note lingering

Like a memory of sunlight, an afterglow

Like cooling embers still emanating warmth

And glowing

Always on the edge of dreams

Dancing on the edge of dreams

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For my daughter, Essma.

Mountain Song

The hike looked so much different

On the map

We climbed the husband

Left the sisters alone

There were spots for fishing

Near the wildfire zone

Black towering creaking trees

The lakes were dry

The ponds were dust

We set off seeking water

Headed to a giant lake near cliffs

And shadows

Came to a sea of grass

We searched for water

In a sea of grass

Buck meadows and honey lakes

The reflected water turned out to be

Just shadows

Just shadows in a sea of grass

He lost his companions near the driest ocean

He called for his friends searching

They were all searching for water

In the shadows

Near a dried up creek bed

They finally found relief

A small pool of water for filtering

Reunited they filled their bottles

They shared a bounty

From the sea of grass

We are all shadows in a sea of grass

Mirages tricking sight and mind

Keep going then

Until you find

A pool of water or a

Mountain lake

Set up camp near the cool clear water

In the presence of ghostly remains

Of tree stumps blackened from the fires

Under the stars

The bats and owls

Under the stars the owls

Chase bats

Reflect on your reflection

Are you water

Or a sea of grass

Are you water

Or a sea of grass

person on a bridge near a lake
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This song was based on a story my son, Alex, told of one of his more recent hikes with his friends. If you follow the link to his twitter feed, the most of the posts are from a trip he took to Europe some years ago.