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Daily Poem 11/27/2020

Don’t tell me to

Be grateful for hardship

I never wanted such strength

Lifting the weight of seven generations

Silencing the groans of ancestors reverberating

In my bones, my tendons, my blood

Let me be thankful for the quick footed antics

Of chipmunks and squirrels

For flocks of birds, and the lone hawk

I will raise my voice in praise to the moon, and the sun, and the stars

And gently touch the rose with my finger in blessings

I will honor my family and friends

Offering love, and peace, and compassion to strangers and

Those I consider kin

To hardship, I grit my teeth

Clenched jaws, and shoulder into the hard work

Fortitude and patience

Tenaciously digging out from under the rubble

Heaped on innocence

I am not grateful for it

You do not thank for this

It is to be endured, survived

Then risen above and left like the waste that it is

Let it decay

When it is fertile loam, plant trees

One can be grateful for trees

Growing strong through decades

Forgiving the once barren land with life itself

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