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Daily Poem 11/21/2020

“If there’s a next time just don’t open the box.”

Pandora finished her mirror work for the day

She looked over at the pile of boxes left

In the corner of her loft, and sighed

For a hundred years she managed to resist

The scroll work invited closer examination

Delicately carved wooden curiosities

Polished grains and knots

Brass fastenings intricately wrought

How could she not take a tiny peek within

To unveil a mystery

To satisfy her hunger for the truth

She traced the scores and patterns

Listening to the music lifted from the trails

She wondered at the tiny hinges

Admired little button nails

She worked the catch to see if it would move

And when it did she gasped

She didn’t mean to open it

Didn’t mean to pry

She meant only to refasten and

Set the box aside

As her finger moved the dainty hook

Towards the waiting eye

The hook slipped past without a catch

And up the lid did bump

For a moment, when it dropped back down

She fumbled hook to eye

She thought perhaps she managed

Not to loose the contents, then

She felt a pang of sorrow

Pandora knew the world would change

It was time to move again

Words echoing in mind

“Just don’t open the box. How hard is that?”

Each precious box beguiled her

Intoxicatingly called her

She knew that down the road someday

She would falter

Curse the gods who would impart such

Dangerous allure

As the boxes full of woes given care over to her

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