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Falling Light – Daily Poem 11/19/2020

The light waxes

Sharpening every shadow

Bringing resolution without rebuke

To the darkness growing shorter

As the rising brightness

Floods the fields in rays belonging

To every plant and tree which grows

From hallowed soils

Dance we in the meadows

Among the browning grasses gone to seed

In the brief flash of autumn’s day shine

To the tune of West wind’s breeze

Dare we whisper to the branches

Of the bare yet noble trees

That our dreams our calling softly

Through this gentle rosy glow

Shake our hopes out from the pillows

Blankets warm the chill away

Where will we wander watching

Nature’s bold manifestations

Hand in hand within the forest

Side by side along the lake

Will we sit beside the bubbling creek

Stand silently among the ruins

Of summer’s passing

Thief of hearts the sun is climbing

The sky is fair and full of light

There will only be moment

Ere the waxing begins to wane

So short the days of autumn

Leading straight to winter’s door

Let the brightness fall upon us

Dancing with delight

Overflowing hope for evermore

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