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Daily Poem 11/15/2020

We started on a journey

Packed the bags, opened the map

We knew moving forward that

There’d be no turning back

We knew we had each other through

The plentiful and lack

So we wandered where the wind blew

Over mountains, down again

Into forests light and airy

Out of woods dark and foreboding

We made it to the shores of a large lake

Smooth as glass reflecting

We started on a journey

Made our way across the water

We knew there would be no return

No returning to the past

In the distance cries the wolves

Calling us to hurry

But each day is a full step on the path

We’re headed home

Each evening while the fire burns

Underneath the twinkling sky

There is no doubt, no worry

That the world is you and I

You and I together

On this journey headed home

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