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Daily Poem 11/13/2020

A dream so crystal clear

Another time, another place

The bustle of the crowds below

In multilevel grace

Upon a tile of rock I rose

To a location I cannot disclose

The music drifting from above

Love of Jazz Improvisation

They were waiting for my instrument

I stumbled slightly, my descent

Into the shuffling masses

The ring of laughter in the air

A celebratory fervor

Lovers whispering their nothings

In each other’s ears

Groups of people meeting up

To share in the jubilation

My voice lifted to those waiting

“I’m on my way!

I’m almost there!”

And then I woke.

I lay there longing to return

To finish out the dream

Even though the way back is closed

I carry with me now the satisfaction

A deep determination from

The images invoked

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