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Daily Poem 11/12/2020

They said, “Don’t cross this line. Beware.”

“Fit into this box. Don’t dare to say what’s on your mind.”

Layer after layer of constraint

Painting the world in black and white

They sold lies as truth

Fed doubts and fear to undermine

The inner voice


Every color packed away

Every nuance, hue, and shade

Carefully stored in cardboard boxes

Every thought set free against

An august sky

Defiance is a cloak I wear

A cape of brilliant patches

Woven in the darkest nights

Of moonbeam threads

Strings of melodies and

Yarn dyed

In vats of amber dreams


Every sleeping color

Awakens with the dawn

The palette full of life will not be


The words flow in a torrent

The storms bring memories

And every thought set free to fly

Comes home to roost

In protective branches of

The ancient sepia tree


The boxes are flung open

The colors call for an accounting

Every shade, nuance, and hue

Will be painted on the canvas of this life

Every letter sharpened

Every word is honed

In black and white

“I dare.”

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