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Daily Poem 11/10/2020

On this rainy winter afternoon

Do you recall

Do you remember

Do you think of all the wonders from that summer long ago

When the heat drove us to the waters

Where we splashed and laughed and played

And we laid out in the sun on the beach after the fun

How we walked along the shoreline

How we spoke in voices low

Do you remember how the moon watched

As our hands touched, then our lips met

And we smiled

Do you recall how we sat there under luminescent skies

And we spoke to one another of all of life’s good-byes

We were still there sitting on the beach

When the sun rose in the morning

As we said farewell the sky began to glow

I sit here with this cup of tea and wonder

Do you think of me on rainy winter afternoons

Do you remember me at all

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