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Daily Poem 11/6/2020

When the deep woods calls me home

The owl in silent flight wings by

Down dark and twisted paths I find

A way to navigate the night

Low moon will rise

The wolves at bay

Howling now to spark this spirit back to life

We are here and here and here

Their haunting cries resound

I am reaching

I am seeking

For the pack I’d lost or haven’t found

The roots rise up to trip my feet

The night descends a growing void

Into the leaves I scrabble

Into the leaves I weep

An innocence has claimed me

Mother of the Wood has stroked my hair

As the sun rays strike the forest floor

I awaken

I dawn bright in the morning glow

A canopy of dreams to shelter

The walk from forest shade to

Life’s garden of subtle budding hope

One step back into myself

Forest, sky, and mountain

Rainbow, cloud, and stream

Remain a part of me

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