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Daily Poem 11/4/2020

Dressed my heart in lace

A pattern refined

Defined by tales

Too dark to tell

Tatted tatters into beauty

Spun gold right out of straw

Wove the sparkling strands

Onto the edges of the open spaces

Bring to me your heart

Dress it well and trimmed

In every tender moment

Crafted from your life

Be it simple or for show

Bend each blessing into filigrees

Of light

To brighten every row

Nod to the violinist

Meet me on the floor

Our hearts are ready now

To dance

Syncopated to the rhythm

Of the Universal beat

The tune of all creation

A song of hope and dreams

That can never be extinguished

As long as we can hear the

Faint melody of life

Flowing under like a river

Under every sacrifice

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