Daily Poem 11/29/2020

The cathedral of you

Divine light flowing from your eyes

A warmth of spirit in the air you breathe

Strong supports uplifting

Multicolored hope shining brightly

I would sing within you

Of the trees and sky and winter’s grace

Of stones and roots and river bends

In harmonies of tempered notes

Written by swords long rusted by

Time’s eternal march

There in the forest standing alone

A shrine of love

Open the doors

To the infinite drumming

Of life’s pure dream

The contemplation of the sacred

Fire within

A song without end

A song without an end

Daily Poem 11/28/2020

Some days it’s enough

To know that somewhere out there

Are butterflies, and flowers

That the sun rose, and the moon shines

That music plays ballads softly in our bones

A rising crescendo, mach speed reached

When the heart drum beats to the tune

Of crumbling leaves, and falling stars

It’s enough to know there are waves reaching shores

That souls still connect over time and space

That some friendships and connections will not sever

And that the morning will bring a respite

From the night

Daily Poem 11/27/2020

Don’t tell me to

Be grateful for hardship

I never wanted such strength

Lifting the weight of seven generations

Silencing the groans of ancestors reverberating

In my bones, my tendons, my blood

Let me be thankful for the quick footed antics

Of chipmunks and squirrels

For flocks of birds, and the lone hawk

I will raise my voice in praise to the moon, and the sun, and the stars

And gently touch the rose with my finger in blessings

I will honor my family and friends

Offering love, and peace, and compassion to strangers and

Those I consider kin

To hardship, I grit my teeth

Clenched jaws, and shoulder into the hard work

Fortitude and patience

Tenaciously digging out from under the rubble

Heaped on innocence

I am not grateful for it

You do not thank for this

It is to be endured, survived

Then risen above and left like the waste that it is

Let it decay

When it is fertile loam, plant trees

One can be grateful for trees

Growing strong through decades

Forgiving the once barren land with life itself

Daily Poem – 11/25/2020

All that’s left of summer

The memory of vibrant blooms

Glorious colors rising up from the greens

Warm breezes

Cool rains

Those chattering flocks of birds

Curtailed trips and

Cancelled plans

Letting go of aspirations

I had such plans

To travel to forests and explore

The dappled sunlight in shadowed spaces

To stand on the shores of lakes and streams

We fell instead into stasis

Uncomfortable stillness in manmade boxes

Would you meet me there in the woods

To stand within a cathedral of trees

Listening to the hum of creation

A bumble

A birdcall

The music of air through the leaves


Someday when summer arrives


Daily Poem 11/23/2020

Buried dreams in green mountains

Burned the effigy of what I had become

Watched that ash drift away

Blocking the light

Choking the breath

Incubated in open fields and

Small town streets

A cocoon of invisibility

A lost voice

Survivor of the great trampling

By the sharp hooves of fate

Many hands lifted me

Are you all right?

There’s no all right

There’s nothing

So much nothing

That’s the lie despair tells

Eyes opening to see magic in the clouds

Ears listening to the harmony of flowers in the spring

A heart which beats in time to cosmic rhythms

There is music

There is life

There are the voices and the faces of those loved

There is you in fullness

You were not the story you told yourself

You were not the story they told you

You were not the things that were done to you

You were more than that

Roots flowing down through dirt and rock

Limbs rising to touch the flow of air

To feel the summer sun

You are the song of autumn

You are the crisp, winter chill

You are all the potential of spring

Your spirit has broken free of all constraints

The light of you can shine now

With no restraint

Daily Poem 11/21/2020

“If there’s a next time just don’t open the box.”

Pandora finished her mirror work for the day

She looked over at the pile of boxes left

In the corner of her loft, and sighed

For a hundred years she managed to resist

The scroll work invited closer examination

Delicately carved wooden curiosities

Polished grains and knots

Brass fastenings intricately wrought

How could she not take a tiny peek within

To unveil a mystery

To satisfy her hunger for the truth

She traced the scores and patterns

Listening to the music lifted from the trails

She wondered at the tiny hinges

Admired little button nails

She worked the catch to see if it would move

And when it did she gasped

She didn’t mean to open it

Didn’t mean to pry

She meant only to refasten and

Set the box aside

As her finger moved the dainty hook

Towards the waiting eye

The hook slipped past without a catch

And up the lid did bump

For a moment, when it dropped back down

She fumbled hook to eye

She thought perhaps she managed

Not to loose the contents, then

She felt a pang of sorrow

Pandora knew the world would change

It was time to move again

Words echoing in mind

“Just don’t open the box. How hard is that?”

Each precious box beguiled her

Intoxicatingly called her

She knew that down the road someday

She would falter

Curse the gods who would impart such

Dangerous allure

As the boxes full of woes given care over to her

Falling Light – Daily Poem 11/19/2020

The light waxes

Sharpening every shadow

Bringing resolution without rebuke

To the darkness growing shorter

As the rising brightness

Floods the fields in rays belonging

To every plant and tree which grows

From hallowed soils

Dance we in the meadows

Among the browning grasses gone to seed

In the brief flash of autumn’s day shine

To the tune of West wind’s breeze

Dare we whisper to the branches

Of the bare yet noble trees

That our dreams our calling softly

Through this gentle rosy glow

Shake our hopes out from the pillows

Blankets warm the chill away

Where will we wander watching

Nature’s bold manifestations

Hand in hand within the forest

Side by side along the lake

Will we sit beside the bubbling creek

Stand silently among the ruins

Of summer’s passing

Thief of hearts the sun is climbing

The sky is fair and full of light

There will only be moment

Ere the waxing begins to wane

So short the days of autumn

Leading straight to winter’s door

Let the brightness fall upon us

Dancing with delight

Overflowing hope for evermore