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The Letters – Daily Poem 10/27/2020

Write me into being one word at a time

Ink my hair in curls and wisps shining in the evening light

Type me in a soft pink dress hanging just below the knee

With a layer of cotton and one of lace

Erase the shoes from my bare feet that I might feel the earth

Compose music of harp and flute

Played by faeries in the forest

Fill the tree limbs with letters green

Pen bark upon their trunks

Slide paragraphs like rapids down the river there

Punctuate the sounds of water running over rocks

Edit out the midges, mosquitos, and the like

Unfold this scene in details

How my eyes search for your face

When my smile shines at your approach

Wrap your arms about me

Fold me closer to you

We’ll dance out of the pages

We’ll fly and never land

We’re a dream the muses sent

We’re pilgrims on a quest

In the end we must conclude

The ink has dried

The type’s been set

The paper’s in the printing press

Send me out into the world

Hard booked or paperbacked

When you sign the copies for your fans

Allow that it’s for me they Stan

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